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Startup Marketing Mentorship Program

Startup Marketing Mentorship Program - digitalready

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A Much Needed Program for Startups

Startup Marketing Mentorship Program (SMMP) has been programmed to provide digital marketing training for startups to gain the most out of the digital channels, by giving them an overview of how digital channels can be used to market their products or services without wasting their valuable money and time.

Even if you are just planning to start your own business, this program can answer many questions you might have on promoting your business online. Apart from marketing, it will also give you an idea on how to manage the customer data and communication well. Since this digital marketing training for startup entrepreneurs has been designed by seasoned entrepreneurs, who have experienced all practical difficulties and found solutions to navigate the complex world of digital, you will find it extremely relevant to you.

Program Topics

# Topic  
1 How to Create Digital Marketing Strategy  
2 How to Optimize your Website for SEO  
3 How to Generate Leads with Content Marketing  
4 How to Leverage Social Media for Brand Awareness and Lead Generation  
5 How to Plan and execute efficient Paid Search Campaigns  
6 How to Leverage the Power of Mobile for your Marketing  
7 How to Establish and manage your email marketing campaigns  
8 How to Get Covered by Websites and Bloggers to Increase Visibility  
9 How to Measure the Results Effectively and Generate Valuable Insights  
10 How to Automate Your Digital Marketing Process  

Institute Overview

Hyderabad, Telangana

Background Digital Marketing is a process of utilizing the available digital channels to reach target audience and communicate the message to facilitate an action such as a sales of a product or service or a sign up. The evolution of digital techno... Read More

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