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Youtube Marketing Course

Youtube Marketing Course - semsols

: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

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Want to grow your business?
Want to do your product branding on Youtube?
Want to increase the views of your youtube videos?

YES! is the answer. Youtube Marketing Course is designed to grow your business using youtube. People like to view videos rather than reading text, that is wjy most of the business are putting their product promotion by creating videos or by running advertisement on youtube.

This course is designed such that you will learn how to do video marketing on youtube. Optimize your youtube channel & videos for more views. Create youtube advertisement to marketing your product or service. This course is for those also who wants to start their own youtube channel or want to improve the video quality. Let us know what you expect from this course.

Youtube Marketing Course is designed for those who want to grow their business using youtube or who wants to create or promote their youtube channel. This course is also beneficial for those who want to create new channel on youtube but not sure how to choose a profitable niche.

Youtube marketing course helps you to run adversiement campaigns on youtube. How to manaage them. How to track the campagin profitability. This course also teaches you to engage user to watch full video such that your video ranks on youtube. Course also teaches you how to create professional thumbnails and many more topic are included in the course. If you have any question then give us a call.

Youtube Marketing Course

Location: Patna Duration: 1 Week

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Why You Should Join Youtube Marketing Course
  • How to use this course to become a successful Youtuber

Module 2 - Basics of YouTube SEO

  • What Is SEO ?
  • Ranking Factors of YouTube SEO
  • YouTube Ranking Algorithm 2019-20

Module 3 - Keywords in SEO

  • What is Keyword ?
  • Why Keyword are Important in Youtube Videos
  • Keyword Research Tool 1
  • Keyword Research Tool 2
  • Keyword Research Tool 3
  • Keyword Research Without Tools
  • Keyword Validation ( Which Keyword We Should Use )

Module 4 - YouTube Video SEO

  • How To Write Good SEO Friendly Title
  • How To Write Good SEO Friendly Description
  • How To Pick Good SEO Friendly Tags

Module 5 - Youtube SEO Tools

  • YouTube SEO Tool 1
  • YouTube SEO Tool 2
  • YouTube SEO Tool 3

Module 6 - Thumbnails

  • Why Thumbnail is Important For SEO and Ranking
  • How To Create Amazing Thumbnail without Skills
  • How to optimize images before upload For Ranking

Module 7 - Youtube for Affiliate Marketing Amazon Ebay CPA

  • How This System Work?
  • How we are going to make money
  • Finding Products To Promote
  • Creating review videos
  • Using free recording softwares to create HD screencast videos

Module 8 - Hooking your audience

  • Your voice tone matters
  • How to increase likes and shares on your video
  • How to build a brand (branding your videos and channel)

Module 7 - Conclusion

  • Fiverr gigs that will help your video rank
  • Rinse & Repeat + Outro

Institute Overview

Patna, Bihar, India

SEMSOLS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Semsols Technologies pvt ltd is a world renowned digital marketing & website development company in India. We started our journey in 2008. We have catered various niche in respect to digital marketing and website d... Read More

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