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WordPress is web software which can be used to create a beautiful website or blog according to the user customization. WordPress is an open source and a content management system (CMS), it is based on PHP and MySQL. It also include(“includes/s the plug-in features for the website architecture and templates.

IT Training Indore Center is the easiest way to learn how to build your own website in no time. We personalize our trainings to fit your needs. We will teach you how to build a WordPress website from concept and site organization, to working with plugins, widgets and templates.

What You Will Learn:
  • What is wordpress and why wordpress.
  • How to install wordpress.
  • Use of WordPress for Blogging and custom site.
  • Adding a wordpress blog to an existing site.
  • WordPress Installation and Settings.
  • WordPress upgradation.
  • Using WordPress as dashboard.
  • Overview of admin panel view.
  • General settings.
  • Creating categories for posts.
  • Creating post under categories.
  • Creating multiple pages.
  • Adding a custom loop for featured content.
  • Creating admin user.
  • Installing themes from library.
  • Customizing themes and Modifying an existing theme.
  • Customizing menus with in themes.
  • Creating custom files in admin panel and frontend (if required).
  • Importing and Exporting the completed site and database.
  • Create Dynamic website in wordpress step by step.
  • Convert existing website in wordpress.
  • Installing themes from library.
  • How to install theme and change it.
  • Convert PSD (Photoshop/ JPEG , PNG) into WordPress.
  • How to install plugin and modify it.
  • How to create Network Site
  • How to set permalinks
  • How to customize contact form.
  • Use of wp-ecommerce and learn to customize (Most popular e-commerce plugin for wordpress)
  • Use and customization of Forum & Newsletter plugin.
  • Get rel world project of wordpress.
  • Working with the Database (Importing, Exporting, Back Ups etc.).
  • Making a back-up of your site.
  • Installing and customizing themes and plugins.
  • Clear idea and working with templates.
  • Adding hyperlinks,using tags and managing them.
  • WordPress URL & Menu Structure.
  • WCustomizing Theme Functions, Menus and Sidebars.
  • Installing Widgets, adding Widgets to Sidebars.
  • Creating and adding New Page Templates.
  • Customizing sidebar with widgets.
  • Changing the header / logo image.
  • Uploading content and manage it.
  • Adding, changing and deleting a page.
  • Knowledge of cpanel,dabase,user in live.
  • Make Two live new project on server.

Institute Overview

Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

IT Training Indore center is a part of Conative IT Solutions Pvt Ltd,a leading IT company based at Indore (M.P) India. Conative IT Solutions Pvt Ltd is an Indian Web Development Company providing website design and website develop... Read More

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