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What is WordPress?


If you’re an IT aspirant looking to build their website, then you’re on the right page. WordPress is the most prominent, user-friendly, and effortless way to develop a website. Do you know that WordPress powers about 40% of all the websites online? To gain more knowledge, let us dive in deeper. WordPress is an open-source CMS that reveals that anyone has the freedom to modify or use the software for free.

The software is designed for all, highlighting user-friendliness, security, performance, and accessibility. WordPress developers have created the software with minimal setup features so that any individuals desiring to use the web may display their product, story, service in a free manner. Using the WordPress software is effortless and straightforward, with extraordinary features for growth and success.

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Hyderabad, Telangana, India

About Me I am Mohammad Azharuddin, founder of Web Trainings Academy & ITinfo Group. Right from the beginning of my career, I was passionate about computer technology and web 2.0. I was very fascinated by the boom of web 2.0 and mobil... Read More

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