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WooCommerce Training Course

WooCommerce Training Course - semsols

: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

Course Detail

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Want to make your own e-commerce site?
Want to sell your product online?
Want to do your e-commerce school project?

Right! Welcome to our WooCommerce Training Course. This course is developed fro those who want to make their own e-commerce website & sell goods online. After completing this course you can start your own online business or you can become a freelancer. 

Woocommerce is the best available plugin for WordPress to create an e-commerce website. Thousands of free plugins are available online. Once you build your ecommerce store on woocommerce their is not monthly fees for the store. To know more about the benefits of this course give us a call.

Woocommerce training course is designed in such a way that you can design & manage your own e-commerce website. After completing this course you will learn creating a ecommerce website on wordpress, installing required plugins, adding products, creating checkout, managing sales & amy other things necessary to run a ecommerce website.

This course is beneficial for those who want to create a dynamic ecommerce website without doing any programming. Or for those who don’t want to pay to developer to design a ecommerce website. And also for those you want to get the site live in few hours. Want to know more about the course then give is a call.

WooCommerce Training Course - An eCommerce Website

Location: Patna Duration: 2 Week

Module 1 - Introduction

  • About this Course

Module 2 - Basics before starting the course

  • The Basics of E-Commerce
  • Define an Audience
  • Security in your store
  • WordPress for e-commerce
  • What’s WooCommerce

Module 3 - Installing WordPress & WooCommerce

  • Installing WordPress
  • Installing WooCommerce

Module 4 - Products

  • Adding first product
  • Adding a Description
  • Creating a Gallery in products
  • Managing Inventory on Products
  • Adding Weights and Sizes for Products
  • Adding Up-sell and Cross-sell products
  • Creating a Product Variation
  • Adding more information for our variation products
  • Adding Global Attributes
  • Creating a Downloadable product
  • Selling Grouped Products

Module 5 - Working with Storefront

  • Installing Storefront & the Customize
  • Adding the Main Image Categories

Module 6 - Shipping Methods

  • Adding Shipping Zones
  • Adding a Flat Rate
  • Enabling Free Shipping
  • Customizing the shipping labels
  • Adding a Flat rate to shipping in other countries
  • Managing Countries outside of the Shipping Zones
  • Setting Live Rates with USPS
  • Adding a Shipping Class

Module 7 - WooCommerce Settings Tab

  • The General Tab
  • The Products Tab
  • The Tax Tab
  • The Shipping Tab
  • The Checkout Tab
  • The Accounts, Emails and API Tabs

Module 8 - Payment Gateways and Discounts

  • Receiving Payments
  • Configuring PayPal Express
  • Payment Gateways plug-ins available
  • How to create coupons

Module 9 - Creating a Child Theme of Storefront and How to Customize your Store

  • Creating the About Us & Contact Us Pages
  • What’s a Child Theme
  • Creating and Activating a Child Theme
  • How to Modify the appearance of your online store
  • Using CSS
  • Using and overriding Templates
  • Using Hooks
  • Using the Customizr

Module 10 - Working with Menus in Storefront

  • Creating the Main Menu
  • Creating the Social Menu
  • Creating the Mobile Menu
  • Styling the Main Menu
  • Styling the Mobile Menu

Module 11 - Customizing the Front Page

  • Adding a Google Font and Styling the headings
  • Displaying the featured image on the front page
  • Styling the Main Category Images

Module 12 - Adding a new section from a specific category - FRONT PAGE

  • Creating a new Section for displaying products from specific category
  • Using WooCommerce Shortcodes
  • Adding more products to this category
  • Passing values to shortcode
  • Styling our new section
  • Finishing our new section

Module 13 - Adding a new banner section - FRONT PAGE

  • Adding a new Banner Section
  • Styling the new Banner section
  • Using Advanced Custom Fields for dynamic content

Module 14: Adding the Main Icons with features - FRONT PAGE

  • Adding the fields with Advanced Custom fields
  • Adding the Content to fields
  • Writing the function where the Icons will be printed
  • Printing the fields
  • Styling the Fields

Module 15 - Displaying the latest 3 entries - FRONT PAGE

  • Creating the 3 blog posts
  • Querying the Database to display the 3 posts
  • Printing all the content
  • Styling the blog entries

Module 16 - Adding MailChimp - FRONT PAGE

  • Creating and Printing the MailChimp form
  • Styling the form (Pt 1 of 2)
  • Styling the form (Pt 2 of 2)

Module 17 - Working with the footer

  • Adding Widgets into the footer
  • Changing the footer text and information
  • Styling the Footer

Module 18 - Customizing the Shop Page

  • Displaying prices with 3 digit numeric code
  • Changing the number of columns in the shop page
  • Changing the number of products per page
  • Changing the name of the sorting filters
  • Printing a Custom Image when no featured image is added to product
  • Adding the WooCommerce widgets

Module 19 - Working with the Single Product Page

  • How to remove a Tab
  • Changing the text of a Tab
  • Displaying the Product Name in the Tab
  • Adding a Field with Advanced Custom Fields and printing the values
  • Adding a new tab for videos
  • The Rule of 100
  • Printing Savings as Dollars
  • Styling the Savings with CSS
  • Printing Savings as Percentage
  • Printing Percentage or Dollars based on the Price Product
  • Adding AddThis! into the products

Module 20 - Customizing the Cart Page

  • Adding a Field for coupons
  • Printing the Coupon in the cart page if available
  • Adding a button to clear the cart content

Module 21 - Customizing the Checkout Page

  • Removing the extra contents from the checkout
  • How to remove a Field from the checkout form
  • How to add a field in the checkout form

Module 22 - Displaying Related Products in the Blog Entries

  • Adding the related content field with Advanced Custom Fields
  • Printing the Products with a Shortcode

Module 23 - WooCommerce Tips

  • How to find the right template to edit
  • Overriding the Search Input in Woo
  • How to find the right hook with Query Monitor
  • How to change the Add To Cart Text

Module 24 - Developing a WooCommerce Plugin

  • Creating the main plugin folder and file
  • Adding the CSS and JS files from bxSlider
  • Writing a function to display a shortcode content
  • Querying the Database in the Shortcode
  • Adding the JavaScript Method
  • Printing Featured Products
  • Finishing the Styling

Module 25 - Customizing the Login Screen

  • Preview of the final project
  • Editing a CSS File in the login screen only
  • Adding the Background Image and Logo
  • Styling the Log In Button
  • Adding a Box Shadow to the form
  • Redirect to your home page when the user clicks on the logo

Institute Overview

Patna, Bihar, India

SEMSOLS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Semsols Technologies pvt ltd is a world renowned digital marketing & website development company in India. We started our journey in 2008. We have catered various niche in respect to digital marketing and website d... Read More

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