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Looking for a video editing course that will teach you how to edit videos the way you want it. Adobe Premiere Pro is the best video editing software used by professionals everywhere. Adobe Premeire Pro is used by production houses, advertising companies, YouTube video vloggers and event management companies. This course will help you to start your journey to video editing industry. After completing this course you can start you own company to edit videos of marriages, birthday party or any vlogger.

Video editing is art which comes with practice, with this course we will give practice video files such that you learn by editing them. Course is designed in such a way that any individual who know how to use computer can learn video editing.

Video Editing Training Course at Patna. Anyone who wants to learn video editing can do this course. We teach video editing on the best platform i.e. Adobe Premeire, this is the best available platform to edit videos. After completing this course you will be able to edit videos, add sound file & export the video in HD quality. You will also learn how to make cinematic videos.

We have listed all the modules which we will be teaching you in this course. If you like to do this course then call us to know more.

Adobe Premiere Course - VIDEO Editing Course

Location: PATNA Duration: 2 Months


Module 1: Introduction

  • Starting a New Project and Know Premiere Pro Workspace
  • Import and Organize Video Clips and Other Files
  • Keyboard Shortcuts to Help You Edit Faster

Module 2: Editing Your Video

  • Create a New Sequence and Understand the Timeline
  • Add Clips to the Timeline, Sync Footage, and Make Selects
  • Basic Edits – Trim Clips, Split Edits, Slip Edits, and More!
  • Add and Edit Cutaway Footage and Photos
  • Editing Narrative Video Scenes Together
  • Adjust the Size and Position of Your Clips

Module 3: Adding Video and Audio Transitions

  • Add and Adjust Video Transitions & EXERCISE
  • Quickly Add Video and Audio Transitions from the Timeline
  • Create a Custom Blur Transition
  • Trouble with Transitions?

Module 4: Adding Titles in Premiere Pro

  • Create Title Graphics in Premiere Pro CC 2017.1 – The Basics
  • Animating Titles in Premiere Pro CC 2017.1
  • Saving Title Card Presets in Premiere Pro CC 2017.1
  • Create Titles with the Premiere Pro Title Creator
  • Design a Clean Lower Third Title Card
  • Create Scrolling End Credits

Module 5: Editing Audio

  • Adjust Audio Levels
  • Pan Audio Left & Right – Working with Audio Channels
  • Remove Background Noise with Low and High Pass
  • Make Audio Sound Better with EQ
  • Parametric EQ Effect
  • Reduce Echo with Parametric EQ Effect
  • Use the Audio Track Mixer to Edit Audio
  • Editing Audio with the Essential Sound Panel
  • Remove Background Noise with Adaptive Noise Reduction
  • Add Music to your Video (and where to find free music)
  • Remove Background Noise with Audacity

Module 6: Color Correction and Grading

  • Basic Color Correction with the Lumetri Panel
  • Fix the White Balance of a Shot
  • Creative: Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel
  • Curves: Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel
  • Color Wheels: Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel
  • HSL Secondary: Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel
  • Vignettes: Color Correcting with the Lumetri Panel
  • Color Correction with Adjustment Layers
  • Selective Color Grading
  • Adding Multiple Lumetri Effects
  • Color Masks & Tracking Masks

Module 7: Motion in Premiere Pro

  • Add Motion to Your Text Titles
  • Create the Ken Burns Photo Effect
  • Add Motion to Video to Make More Dynamic

Module 8: Exporting Your Video

  • Export a High-Quality Small-File-Size Video
  • Understand the Export Module
  • Export a Full Resolution Video
  • Export a Small-File Preview Video

Module 9: Visual Effects and Advanced Premiere Pro Tips

  • Add and Adjust a Video Effect to a Clip
  • Adjust Effects with Keyframes
  • Use Lumetri Color Presets
  • Stabilize Shaky Video with Warp Stabilizer
  • Make Videos More Cinematic with Overlays
  • Export a Still Frame from a Video Clip
  • Remove Noise and Grain with After Effects

Module 10: Video Speed in Premiere Pro

  • Edit Clip Speed (Slow-motion, Reverse, Speed ramps)
  • Time Remapping & Speed Ramps Tutorial
  • Slow Motion Video by Interpreting Video Frame Rate
  • Stop Motion Animation in Premiere Pro

Module 11: Green Screen Editing - Chromakeying in Premiere

  • Remove Green Screen with Ultra Key
  • Add a Background and Match to Foreground Subject
  • Remove Green Screen Background

Module 12: More Tutorials

  • How to Watch the Following Bonus Lectures
  • What are Sequences & How Should You Use Them?
  • Cutting Through Linked Clips
  • How to Reverse Footage
  • How to Put Video in Text
  • How to use Adjustment Layers
  • How to Remove Digital Noise & Grain
  • How to Create Scrolling Credits
  • 3 Quick Ways to Fade Music
  • How to Easily Sharpen Video
  • How to Add Camera Shake to Your Video
  • How to Create a Square Video
  • Whip Pan Transition
  • How to Blur Out Moving Faces
  • Zoom Blur Transition
  • Rotating Blur Transition
  • Speed Up Your Video Editing with Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Cinemagraph Tutorial in Premiere Pro
  • Split Screen Tutorial
  • How to Fix Offline Media
  • How to Show Thumbnails in the Timeline
  • How to Customize the Workspace
  • Crackling Audio? How to Remove it with the Automatic Click Remover
  • How to Create Closed Captions in Premiere Pro
  • Working with Vertical Footage
  • How To Organise Files
  • Feather / Linear Wipe Transition (a la Star Wars)
  • Picture in Picture Tutorial
  • Adding a Speech Bubble
  • Computer Specs for Video Editing

Module 13: Conclusion

  • Conclusion
  • What Next ?

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Patna, Bihar, India

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