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Search Engine Optimization


SEO Courses in Navi Mumbai – S.E.O. is a process in which we increase the visualization of our website in all different search engines. SEO can be further divided into 5 layers. Let us see how each layer unfolds to have a better understanding.

Layers of Search Engine Optimization

Keywords Research

Your business or your field will demand the best Keywords to rank you on all the Search Engines. Researching the keywords is the key to getting started. Make a list of all the Key Words that are related to your Niche.

Top Pages Analysation

Analyze the Top Pages of all the Search Engines headed by Google for your Niche. The top pages will give you an idea of what your keywords should be and how many searches are done accordingly. Search your Niche

Creating Backlinks

Backlinks are the must-haves for Search Engine Optimization. They are links from one website to another for more visualization and online presence. The more backlinks you place the more organic traffic you will be able to generate.

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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

ABOUT US MEDIAMITRA MEDIAMITRA started with the vision of providing a high-grade practical learning experience in the field of Digital Marketing and create a productive workforce for the country. Today in this digital era with... Read More

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