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: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

Course Detail

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Complete SEO Training with Top SEO Experts from Internet Marketing Companies. Learn and Implement SEO which actually works and get you results. Take you site to the top of major search engines.

At the end of this course you will have in-depth understanding of how SEO works and how you can increase traffic to any website. Whether you are a fresher or have some experience whatever may be the situation this course will take you through the process, step-by-step process with examples. SEO is not a programming but is is just a set of rules which you have to follow to get your website top ranked.

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION CLASSROOM COURSE AT PATNA – Semsols SEO course is the best & most updated course available in Patna. This course is for everyone who wants to rank their site on different search engines. For doing this course you should have the knowledge of website structure.

After completing this course you can rank any sites effortlessly. Ranking a website on search engine is not a easy task but if you follow what we teach you in class then it will a very easy task. Below you will find what we will be teaching you in our course.


Location: PATNA Duration: 2 Weeks

Module 1 - Introduction

  • Welcome
  • What You Will Learn From This Course?
  • Things You Should Know Before Starting The Course

Module 2: Selecting Powerful Keywords

  • Keywords: Is Key To Success
  • Analyzing & Finding Your Main Keywords
  • Find More Keywords Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner
  • Using Keyword Analysis Tools
  • Plan The Right Strategy For The Chosen Keywords

Module 3: Preparing Your Search Engine Friendly Site

  • Seo Starts Just As You Start
  • Choosing A Viable Domain Name
  • Choosing The Right Hosting Company
  • Choosing The Right Development Tool
  • Why You Need Mobile-ready Site
  • Https Secure Sites – Becoming Necessity
  • Avoiding Things That Hurt Seo
  • It’s Not Just About Seo
  • Who Is Building The Site?

Module 4: Your First Small Steps

  • Is Your Site Indexed In Search Engine?
  • Why Your Site May Not Be Indexed
  • Understanding The Search Results

Module 5: Understanding The Importance Of Content

  • Content Is Not King! (But It Is Very Important)
  • You Need High Quality Content
  • Creating (Or Buying) Content
  • More Sources Of Content
  • User-generated Content
  • Duplicate Content: Can It Hurt?

Module 6: Basic Page Optimization - "Hidden" Code

  • Urls
  • Title Tags
  • Keywords Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Other Meta Tags

Module 7: Basic ON Page Optimization - "Visible" Code

  • Heading Tags
  • Body Text
  • Images
  • Internal Links
  • Link Blocks

Module 8: Basic ON Page Optimization – A Few More Good Things

  • “What We Do” Paragraphs
  • Robots.Txt & The Robots Meta Tag
  • Html Sitemaps

Module 9: Using Structured Data Markup

  • How Structured Data Markup Can Boost Your Pages
  • Picking a Markup Format
  • Using Markup Tools
  • Customizing Your Google Search Results with Markup
  • Structured Data Markup Increasing in Importance!

Module 10: “Submitting” to Search Engines

  • The (Worthless) “Submit Your URLs” Pages
  • Gotta Have Links!
  • Creating XML Sitemaps
  • Referencing the Sitemap in robots.txt & Pinging the Search Engines
  • Submitting Your Sitemap via Webmaster Accounts
  • Submitting URLs through Webmaster Accounts

Module 11: Submitting to Directories

  • Search Engines vs. Search Directories
  • How Directories Help You
  • Finding More Directories

Module 12: Working with Webmaster Accounts

  • What Webmaster Consoles Do For You
  • Registering Your Site and Submitting Your Sitemap to Google
  • Google Console Setup
  • The Google Console Search Appearance Area
  • The Google Search Traffic Area
  • The Google Console Index Area
  • The Google Console Crawl Area
  • The Google Console Security Issues, Resources, & Settings

Module 13: Using Local-Search SEO

  • Dissecting Local-Search & Map Results
  • How the Search Engines Know Where You Are
  • “Localizing” Your Pages
  • Grabbing Control of Your Business Listing
  • Further “Localization” Techniques
  • Finding Local-Focus Directories

Module 14: You Must Have Links

  • The Most Important (and Difficult) Part of SEO
  • How Google Revolutionized Search with Link Analysis
  • Five Ways Links Help You
  • Two Types of Links: “Real” vs. “Fake”

Module 15: Linking—the Geek Stuff

  • Understanding PageRank
  • Links from: Understanding PageRank
  • Finding Pseudo PageRanks
  • Understanding TrustRank
  • The Anatomy of a Link
  • nofollow Links

Module 16: Designing the Perfect Link

  • Putting Keywords into the Anchor Text
  • More Good Things for Links
  • A “Natural” Link Profile
  • What to Watch For: a Linking Summary

Module 17: The First Places to Get Links

  • The 1st Place to Look: “Low Hanging Fruit”
  • Link Analysis Tools: Who Links to Your Competitors?
  • Performing a Link Analysis with Majestic
  • Social Networking Links
  • Low Value/No Value Links

Module 18: When You Still Need Links

  • Mentioning Your Site in Forums (Be Careful!)
  • Buying Links (Google Always Hates It)
  • The Ideal Link Generation Process: “Link Bait”
  • The Future of Link Building? The PR Model

Module 19: Conclusion

  • What Next fro Here?
  • How to use this Knowledge ?

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Patna, Bihar, India

SEMSOLS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Semsols Technologies pvt ltd is a world renowned digital marketing & website development company in India. We started our journey in 2008. We have catered various niche in respect to digital marketing and website d... Read More

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