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What is Sales and Distribution (SD)?

The Sales and Distribution Course Training in Hyderabad of ERP is a part of the ERP software than its CRM part. As the name mentions its purpose, the SD is a post and pre-sales module integrated into a single dashboard.

SD Module is one of the core modules of the R/3 products and is one of the most used products of all.

One can manage the client orders, support, master data of the clients, distribution of the goods among many other aspects post-marketing.

Similar to the ERP CRM, you would be handling all of the data of the sales that go about the company and monitor the distribution protocols too.

Who Can Learn This Module?

Again, the Sales and Distribution Course Training is also a very easy and simple way to mobilize and bring in all the sales data to a single place. The user would be expected to handle and monitor this data. 

Given the simplicity of this module, anyone with a degree can easily learn and be able to manage the SD Training.

Entry prerequisites for major companies would be either, BSc too. Any masters would be an add-on.

While our faculty strives to give you the best of coaching, an understanding of how the sales and distribution of goods in a company go about would be a value-added advantage.

Outcomes of the “SD Module”

Our students have successfully finished the SD Course Training in Hyderabad are working at their dream companies with the following designations:

  • SD Consultant
  • SD Trainer
  • SD Sales, Services

You can also work for different business organizations where they’re responsible for dealing and implementing sales, billing, transportation of products, and their services. 

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