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SAP is a German MNC that is located in the Wurttemberg province, they are the world's largest provider of enterprise software for major corporations around the world. They are the third-largest company in IT-related services and have become the biggest European corporation in recent years. Their entrepreneurial management suite includes software for Industrial management, Supply chain management, Employee documentation, and various other company operations. Apart from product-based services offered by SAP, they have also developed a programming language to design and develop custom software applications for individual business needs. The programming language is called ABAP and stands for Advanced business application programming. ABAP is developed from basic computing languages like C++ and Python but has a free-flowing syntax system that is highly oriented towards business platform development. The programming software ABAP is a highly prestigious product of the business world and is utilized by companies to develop personalized applications for management on top of the core

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Each submodule of the SAP MM is equipped with functions. Those functions execute specific business processes specific to these modules. They are performed by transactions, which is the method that SAP ECC uses to complete business processes. Experts... Read More

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