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Maxgen technologies Pvt Ltd is providing SAP training &Internship Program in Pune ,Mumbai . SAP stands for ‘Systems Applications and Products The inception of SAP was as small software with the backing of just one customer in Germany by a set of visionary entrepreneurs in 1972. We are Best company for SAP training & Internship in ABAP,MM,FICO in Pune, Mumbai ,Ahmedabad.

 The SAP system works in the following way:

  • A request arrives from the presentation tier (it can be an online request from a user or a request related to a batch job or anything else).
  • This request is analyzed by the dispatcher of the SAP central instance.
  • The dispatcher passes the request to the message process (M).
  • The message process (M) decided whether this request should be processed on this instance or needs to be forwarded to a different instance (for example, an instance with a lower computing load).
  • If the request remains at the same instance, it is put in one of the work processes of the appropriate type (for instance, if it an online request from a user, it should be placed in the dialog work process).
  • The request gets processed by the work process, and if necessary, the SAP system will commit an update to the database through the enqueue server (E).
  • The feedback about outcome of the request is delivered back to the originator of the request in a reversed order.

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Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Our dedication towards our work, distinguished reputation, countless success stories and huge customer base makes us a steadfast company. A leading Web Design and Development, SAP Professional(FICO, MM, ABAP, SD) company established in 2013. We are l... Read More

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