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python with Django

python with Django - APPONIX ACADEMY

Course Detail

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  • Understand the core construction of Python
  •  Realise the status of Python as the best scripting language
  •  Explain the structure and applications of python
  •  Learn the objective types of Python like Lists, Tuples, Strings, Dictionaries etc.
  •  Knowing how Python as the best object-oriented programming language
  •  Understanding the fundamental concepts like Flow control and conditions, File handling, OOPs and Python modules.
  •  Learn how to handle exception and error
  •  Understand and create maps and websites in Django
  •  Handle Django models, REST framework, AJAX and DjangojQuey for creating websites and its other applications.
  •  Identify Django template system
  •  Learn the required processes to function class inheritance that helps in reusability
  •  Indexing and slicing of data in python

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

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