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Give your career a new direction with Python certification course. The course is designed by OK Google Developer to help you understand the fundamentals of Python and its industrial application. Python is one of the world's most demanded popular programming language. Big companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix are heavily using Python and are paying handsomely to well learnt and trained candidates.

This self paced course will take you from zero to programming in Python in matter of time - no background coding knowledge or experience required! 

By the end of this course, you will feel comfortable creating basic programs, working with data and solving real-world problems in Python. You will not only gain a strong foundation for more advanced learning in the field but develop skills to help advance your career. 

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Faridabad, Haryana, India

Perfect eLearning is an initiative of Perfect Plan B with the sole goal to help students achieve their career goals with right coaching, training and placement. Perfect eLearning offers equal opportunities for both learners and trainers to channeliz... Read More

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