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Python is an easy programming language for beginners to start out with. It's newer than a lot of languages, it's easier to learn than some of the older languages. There's a lot of demand for Python programmers. You can do some really cool things using Python with data science to build websites.


• Setting up Python
• Variables, Data types & Operators
• Decision making, Loops
• Functions
• Modules
• File I/O
• Exception Handling
• Database Programming
• Regular Expressions
• Multithreaded Programming
• Network Programming
• Working with csv and json and Excel using python
• GUI Programming
• Xml Processing


• Overview of Django
• Admin site
• Authentication
• Working with Models
• Migrations
• Forms & Generic
• Template Engines
• Middleware
• Request and Response Objects
• Restful API

Benefits Of Learning Python

• Python is one of the popular languages and easy to learn

• Python can be used for web development, Testing, Automation, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Big data.

• Python is portable and Extensible

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Thane, Maharashtra, India

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