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MS OFFICE Certification


: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

Course Detail

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About the MS OFFICE

A suite of products developed by Microsoft Corporation that includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint.etc. Each program serves a different purpose and is compatible with other programs included in the package Microsoft Office is the most common form of software used in the western world. Components of Microsoft Office include Microsoft Word, a popular word processing tool; Microsoft Excel, a program used for creating and editing spreadsheets; Microsoft PowerPoint, used for creating and showing interactive presentations.

Course Syllabus

Microsoft Word Syllabus-12 Hours
  • Getting Familiar
  • Document Navigation Tips
  • Manipulating Text
  • Formatting Characters
  • Formatting Paragraphs
  • Themes and Templates
  • Quick Parts
  • Preparing Documents for Printing
  • Organizing Content
  • Tabs, Columns, and Charts
  • Links, Headers, and Footers
  • References
  • Mail Merge
  • Visual Content
  • Reviewing Documents
  • Protecting and Sharing Documents
Microsoft EXCEL Syllabus-12 Hours
  • Introduction
  • Entering, Editing and Formatting Data
  • Formatting Numbers
  • Managing Worksheets
  • Modifying Rows and Columns
  • Understanding Formulas
  • Changing Views
  • AutoFill and Custom Lists
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Tables
  • Data Tools
  • Referencing Formulas
  • Ranges and Dates
  • Lookups
  • Conditional Logic
  • Text Formulas
  • Introduction to Charts
  • Formatting Charts
  • Adding Graphics to Spreadsheets
  • Outline, Sort, Filter, and Subtotal
  • PivotTables
  • Protecting Data
  • Collaboration
  • Printing
  • Saving a Workbook
  • Macros
Microsoft POWER POINT Syllabus-6 Hours

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