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Kotlin is now the official language for Android App development. Google announced on 7 May 2019 that the Kotlin programming language is the official language for Android app development. Since, Acesoftech Academy adopts new technology fast. We have introduced Kotlin as language to teach Android App development and replaced java in 2019 only.


Earlier, the official language for Android App development was Java. No doubt, Java is a very stable as well as popular language. But, every one does not know Java. So, to learn Android Apps development, one had to learn Java first which is a relatively vast and complex language.


But as far as Kotlin is concerned, it is better than Java in case of Mobile Apps development. And most importantly it is more like JavaScript, which almost every designer or developer has learned in life time. Also, if any one knows Java, he can grasp Kotlin very fast.So, if you are looking for an Android App Development Course with Kotlin in Kolkata , you are at the right place.We will teach you  Kotlin and then Android App development using Kotlin. This way we make you stay ahead and tuned with the fast changing IT industry

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