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Learn Kindle Book Marketing and become bestselling author on AMAZON. This kindle book marketing course at Patna will guide you how to make money online by writing, publishing & marketing your book on Amazon. This course will guide you to write book & publish it on amazon like a professional.

This course will make you learn everything you need to become the author of best selling book in your niche. This course will teach you how to write book although you are not a writer. Once you know the process you can earn online living in your home.

If you are interested to know more about the course then visit our office or give us a call.

Do you love to make money online by selling ebooks on amazon? If your answer is YES then you are at the right place. Kindle Book Marketing Course teached you how to create ebook and sell them online. This course will guide you in choosing your niche such that you write books which can be sold easily on AMAZON. We will guide you in finding the niche which people like to read.

Your Mentor will train you in formating your ebook like a professional and show you how to sell them on amazon. Once you learn the complete ecosytem of publishing book you will have fun in earning passive income. Like to know more about the course. Scroll down to see the different modules which we will be teaching.

KINDLE EBOOK Marketing Course

Location: Patna Duration: 2 Week


Module 1: Introduction KINDLE EBook Marketing

  • What is Ebook Publishing
  • Market Analysis for Non-Fiction Books
  • Market Analysis for Fiction Books
  • Kindle Publishing Rules and Regulations

Module 2: How to Write the Books

  • Foundation for Writing Your Book
  • Tips To Write Your Book Faster
  • Researching and Analysing Your Book Ideas
  • How to Schedule Your Writing Time
  • How to Hire a Professional Editor
  • Choose a Bestselling Book Title

Module 3: How to do Cover Design

  • How to Design a Bestselling Ebook Cover

Module 4: How to Format Ebook For Kindle

  • Steps to Format Your eBook for Kindle
  • Formatting Your eBook with a Mac

Module 5: Publishing on Kindle

  • How to Create Your KDP Account and Upload eBook to Kindle
  • How to Price your Ebook – The Kindle Pricing Strategy

Module 6: Tips for eBook Marketing

  • You must avoid these marketing mistakes
  • Marketing Beyond Your Book
  • How to Set Up an Author Central Page
  • How to Choose Amazon Categories to Become a Bestselling Author
  • How to use Keywords to Sell More Books
  • How to write Book Description That Sells
  • Kindle Book Description Templates
  • The KDP Select Free Marketing Strategy
  • Schedule KDP Select Free Promotion Dates
  • How to Create International Geo-targeted Amazon Affiliate Links
  • How To Get High Unlimited Quality Amazon Reviews
  • Special Category Rankings (Free Marketing!)
  • Marketing Books on Pinterest
  • Twitter Marketing for Authors
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Write More Books
  • Bundle eBooks To Sell More
  • How to Deal With Negative Reviews

Module 7: Understand Amazon Royalty Payment

  • How to Read Amazon Royalty Statements
  • The Keys to Financial Freedom for Authors

Module 8: SIX Case Studies

  • Case Study 1 – How he build a $10,000 a Month Kindle Publishing Business
  • Case Study 2 – #1 Bestselling Author Steve Scott
  • Case Study 3 – #1 Bestselling Author Oli Hille
  • Case Study 4 – Award Winning and Bestselling Author Bev Flaxington
  • Case Study 5 – Hugh Howey – Selling 1 Million+ Self Published Books
  • Case Study 6 – Founder of Buck Books
  • Conclusion – How to Turn Your Kindle Books Into a Six Figure Multimedia Ecosystem

Module 9: Affiliate Program - Getting Paid For Referrals

  • How to Get Paid to Promote

Module 10: Conclusion

  • Course Conclusion – What Next
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Patna, Bihar, India

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