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iOS Course - Primark infotech

Course Detail

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Introduction to iOS Development
  • Introducing iOS
  • iOS SDK
  • Xcode
  • Interface Builder
  • iOS APIs
  • The iOS Simulator
Objective-C: Basic Data Types and Object Creation
  • The Main Function
  • NSString Literal & NSLog and Dlog statements
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Foundation Classes Overview
  • Object Creation & Messaging Overview
  • Object Creation: alloc / init/new
  • Object Creation: Factory Methods
Objective-C: Common Foundation Classes
  • Difference between mutable and immutable objects
  • Strings: NSString & NSMutableString
  • Collections: Arrays, Dictionaries, Sets and Literals
  • Wrappers: NSNumber
  • Difference between shallow copy and Deep copy
  • JSON
Objective-C: Custom Classes
  • Custom Class Overview
  • Header Files
  • Import and the @class Directive
  • Inheritance and NSObject
  • Method Declarations
  • Implementation Files
  • Method Definitions
  • Self and Super
  • Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)
  • Properties
  • Overriding NSObject Methods
  • Access Control
  • KVC Pattern
  • KVO Pattern
  • Difference between nil and Nil
  • Difference between nil and [nsbundle mainbudle]
Memory Management Concepts (ARC and Non ARC) SampleiOS Basics - Sample Project Creation and understanding existing Apps
  • Architecture of an App (The Main Run Loop)
  • Creating a Project
  • UIApplication and the App Delegate
  • UIKit Framework: Views and Controls
  • Storyboards and Scenes
  • Build Actions (Run, Test, Profile, Analyze, Archive)
  • Debugging & Profiling
  • Frameworks
  • E-Commerce app work through
Categories and Protocols
  • Assignment on creating categories and custom protocols
  • thread concept in objective c
View Controllers: Connections and Flow
  • View Controller Overview
  • Life Cycle Methods
  • Storyboard Segues and Unwind Segues
  • Programmatic Segues
  • IBOutlet and IBOutletCollection
  • IBAction
View Controllers: Common Controllers
  • Navigation Controllers
  • Tab Bar Controllers
  • Objective-C: Protocols
  • Table View Controllers: Static
  • Table View: Pull to Refresh (UIRefreshControl)
  • Table View Controllers: Prototype
iPad Layouts
  • Universal Apps & Multiple Targets
  • Split View Controllers
  • Popovers
  • Image Views
  • Web Views
  • Map Views
  • Device Rotation
  • Interface Builder Constraints
  • NSLayoutConstraints
Handling User Input
  • Alert Views
  • Text Fields & Views, Keyboards, and "First Responders"
  • Objective-C: Selectors
  • Gestures (Pinch, Pan, Swipe, etc.)
  • concept of localization
Notifications : Local and Push notifications
  • Types of Notifications
Size classes UsageNetwork and Server communication
  • Assignments: GCD, NSOperations and Blocks
Camera , Bluetooth wifi related samplesMedia Frameworks : Audio and Video Sample appPaypal integration and push notificationsXCTestCases -iOS TDD
  • Assignments: Set up XCTestcase Framework
  • Writing Unit Test cases for Login
  • Mock Objects creation and Unit test cases writing
  • Business logics in LoginScreen with XC test case
  • Performance Test with XC test case
  • Xcode instrumentation and other (memory, profiling, code Coverage Tool provided by Xcode7)
Device Provisioning & Distribution
  • Digital Signatures and Assets
  • Development Build: Deploying to Your Own Device
  • Overview of the Provisioning Portal
  • Development and Distribution Certificates
  • Approved Devices
  • App IDs
  • Provisioning Profiles
  • Targets, Configurations, and Schemes
  • Ad Hoc Build: Archiving and Distributing
  • Public Build: iTunes App Store
Apple Coding standards and guidelines Coding guidelines

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