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Inbound Marketing training in KPHB

Inbound Marketing training in KPHB - Emblix Academy

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Inbound Marketing training in KPHB


Inbound marketing is a digital marketing technique that entails a firm attracting clients or leads by providing quality information and experiences that are customized for them. Through inbound marketing customers come to the company rather than go to the marketers vying for their attention.

Emblix Academy as an inbound marketing training institute in KPHB prepares, motivates, and enables your marketing team to reach their appropriate audiences at the right time and helps them in achieving their marketing goals. Through our experts and trainers in inbound marketing at Emblix Academy you will learn about-

• Customer/buyer personas
• The buyer’s journey
• Database segmentation
• Developing a smart inbound content strategy
• Generation of demand and conversions
• Automation and lead nurturing
• Fundamentals of social media
• Measuring performance and ROI

inbound marketing training in kphb

How Emblix Academy as an inbound marketing training institute in KPHB will influence your business after undergoing the course/training-

• Able to transition from a traditional (push) marketing strategy to a customer-centric one (inbound)
• Develop lead nurturing and customer engagement by mastering communication channels.
• Integrate inbound marketing activities in the marketing plan
• Align and engage the sales department in the inbound marketing strategy
• Monitor, measure and report all marketing activities, especially those that were not deemed as productive activities

The objectives of inbound marketing training in KPHB provided by Emblix Academy include-

• To understand the basics of inbound marketing approach
• To be familiar with the concepts of inbound marketing
• To be able to define his “personas” and set up his “objectives”
• To gain expertise in dealing with the communication channels and the tools to use to succeed
• To be able to monitor, report and quickly adapt the inbound marketing strategies
• To be able to create a real map of activities that will gather outbound and inbound approach
• To have a better understanding of how to attract, convert, and engage customers.

Our inbound marketing training course would also enable or prepare you to earn certifications such as HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification.

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Hyderabad, Telangana

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