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Become a Competent Human Resource Management (HRM) Professional?

“Every industry, business and trade needs human resource professionals for maintaining their workforce. So job prospects for human resource specialists and managers are bright”

There are certain skills you need to become a successful human resources manager. The ExcelTek human resources management program designed in conjunction with the government/compliances and HR industry helps you learn them quickly and conveniently.

This course combines an in-depth understanding of human resource (HR) management with a broader exploration of its organisational and management context. Whether you’re at the start of your career in HR, aspiring to enter HR or an experienced professional, it will give you up-to-date knowledge of organisational theory and behaviour and the specialist skills essential to practitioners. You will explore HR strategy both within organisations (including issues such as employee relations and employee engagement; learning and development, and employee resourcing and talent management) and in relation to the external environment – including globalisation and international forces, social and technological change and government policies and regulation.

Our core HR real time training program is the globally recognize program that validates your competencies in HR & helps you gain recognition and become successful.

How will you benefit?

  • Fast track your career in human resources
  • Boost your earning potential and career prospects
  • You can choose a learning style suited to your lifestyle
  • Can apply your learning at work straight away
  • Study a human resources course that was designed in conjunction with the government/compliances and HR industry
  • Role of the HR professional, the nature of professionalism and approaches
  • Review recent research and to assess its relevance for practice in a range of contexts
  • Assess the relevance of theory for practice and apply it where appropriate to improve practice
  • Develop the skills essential for HR work such as:
    • Leading and working in teams
    • Making decisions
    • Managing financial information
    • Communicating effectively and helping others to learn
  • Contribute to your organisation's sustainable success
  • Learn the inside secrets of how to become a HR pro in months not years!
  • Study at your own pace whenever and wherever you are
  • Have direct access to our trainers

Are you looking for HR Training?

Whether you have previous experience or you’re looking to work as HR Assistant/Generalist/Manager or with a broader role that includes HR functions within the HR Department, ExcelTek Training features a wide range of training and HR courses. You may though wish to enroll for the ExcelTek Training core HR sessions to ensure you have top level skills to accompany your HR expertise and also incorporating an exploration of the primary objectives, value and challenges associated with HR management. So please discuss with us for detailed information:

Study Method: Class Room Training – Online Training – Corporate Training
Duration: 8 Weeks – 40 days


Core HR practical sessions,There is no such thing as born HR professionals. Everyone can become one, if they want to. For this, proper guideline and resource is required. We are here to provide you these with our special core HR sessions.

HR is a vital function in any organization as it’s responsible for recruiting new staff, employment contracts, salary processing, maternity rights and staff performance appraisals to name just a few, Working within the HR department is a fulfilling role and it’s essential that those working in this area are knowledgeable, skilled and trained. You’ll be dealing with delicate and confidential matters daily and everything has to be handled correctly, and lawfully

This course is an excellent starting point for you to learn essential knowledge on areas such as:

  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Post selection – BGV/Onboard/Joining Formalities
  • Induction/Orientation & Probation Confirmation
  • Statutory Compliances
  • Leave and Attendance Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management System
  • Employee Relations and Engagement
  • Exit Formalities/General HR Administration

You’ll work through the course using a fictitious case study company so you can really understand the ins and outs of HR in a business. So if you’re looking to working as a HR Assistant or add a HR specialism onto your current role, our HR Essentials course is a great place to start.

Who is this course for?

  • Candidates interested in a basic introduction to HR
  • Existing HR workers looking to enhance their knowledge and skills
  • Business owners interested in enhancing HR skills
  • Anyone looking to enhance their CV and career prospects

Learning Outcomes/benefits:

  • Understand the importance of human resources and their management within organizations
  • Recognize the importance of good employee relations
  • You can immediately apply knowledge at your job

Course assessment

You will be continually assessed throughout the course. Your assignment will be marked by your tutor and independently moderated. The feedback on your assignment will then be sent to you. On receipt of this, you may wish to contact your tutor to discuss the feedback.

Support from your tutor

Your Trainer will help you with the study material/videos, mark and comment on your assignments and provide advice and guidance. You'll be able to contact your trainer by email, phone or via your ExcelTek social networking groups.

HR Apprentices

“Understand your role as the apprentice and how you can work with the training provider and employer as the end-point assessment organisation”

HR apprenticeship standards have been developed specifically for the people profession and offer progressive career opportunities for people of all ages. These apprenticeships include a job with training into one of the recognised occupations in HR. You can explore the standards in depth via your trainer.

Apprenticeships are paid jobs, combining practical, on-the-job training with off-the-job learning. Apprenticeships in HR can offer structured, entry-level routes into the people profession, and provide experienced workers with the opportunity to 'upskill' and progress their careers.

An HR apprenticeship is delivered in contractual partnership with the following organisations:

  • The employer:Committed to developing the apprentice through an effective on-the-job and off-the-job training programme lasting a minimum of 12 months

Contact us if you want to know more about HR Training program with The ExcelTek before you register/start your program.

Payroll Training

We all know Payroll and Salary administration is one of pivotal function of HR, which is key performance area for success of HR department. Payroll/ Salary administration / Compensation programs will play major role in employee retention and talent management aspects.

Payroll process is not simple and easy process as we presume, which is a complex function involves mathematical calculations, adhere to Statutory Regulations, Tax rules consideration, follow market standards , comprehensive analysis, strong MIS reporting and standard book keeping.

If you are seeking payroll courses for beginners, HR practitioners, Accounts for specific specialities such as CTC structure design, Multi-State taxation, Fringe benefits, Total Rewards Compensation.

You’re at right place, we Excel Tek will make it easy through our Payroll Training Programs offering both classroom teaching and Online teaching options. Our Payroll Training program brings necessary skills required to handle and process an effective payroll system.

Overview & Learning outcomes of program

This program is designed to share a clear idea and knowledge about compensation & Benefits structure of an organisation. You will learn about components of C & B package and various models of CTC structures, you will be able to understand how monthly salary is being calculated in an organisation.You will also get to learn about difference types of attendance & leave management process, statutory deduction during monthly salary processing and how to generate salary slip after salary disbursement.

The learning outcomes will include:

  • Attendance & Leave Management
  • Compensation & Benefits Basics and Principles
  • CTC Structures
  • Payroll Calculations & Management
  • Income Tax Calculations
  • Statutory Calculations & Deductions

We ensure that you will overcome your limitations in understanding mathematical and logical calculations through one to one sessions, continuous assistance, regular assignments and Mock Interview session.
You will be awarded with Certification at the end of your course based on your attendance, assignment completion, mock interview performance and Project work.

Statutory Compliance Training

We all know operating business in India requires so many legal obligations to fulfil and adhere from time to time. Avoiding and non adherence to legal obligations is very critical and high risk for business existence. HR department will play major role in following legal requirements, periodical compliance and management of statutory authorities.

Statutory Compliances are different for each and every department and function in the Organization, most of the compliances shall be handled and managed by HR and Finance departments. HR department is key stakeholder in managing the Labour Laws framed by Government at both Central and State level for Employees and Companies support.

Labour Laws mainly deals with Organization standards, various registrations, and licenses to work, employment standards and terms, productive harmonious relations, Employee Job safety, social security, fundamental rights and obligations, default wage system and regular payments & renewals.

It is known fact that Indian Labour Laws / Statutory Rules are very strong and one of standard legislative system across the globe. Our Indian Labour Laws are vary and differentiated for each and every business segments / Industries. If you talk about Factories, Establishments, Mines, Plantations, Contract Labour, Construction, Working Journalists, Women employees, Child labour and so on. However, there are certain acts which are common and applicable to all the Industries and Establishment irrespective of their business segment and process.

If you’re really worried and want to get thorough practical knowledge about various Labour Laws and Statutory guidelines, please join confidently in our Statutory Compliances Training Course right away without any hesitation.

The course is best suited for HR Students, HR Practitioners, Management, Statutory Compliance Service Providers, and Finance, who are really looking to explore career opportunities in handling Legal matters.

You are able to understand and learn the various aspects about Indian Labour Laws and Statutory Compliances guidelines. We teach you right from understanding the objective of Law to Interpretation of definitions, registration & renewal process, main regulations, Latest Amendments, Various case studies, relevant judgements, consequences for non adherence, required registers, returns and Controlling Authorities.

The Statutory Compliance course will consist of Labour Laws / Acts which are majorly and commonly practiced by all Industries & Establishments.

  • Introduction to Labour Compliance
  • HR Role in Labour Compliance
  • Compliance Checklist and Schedule
  • Shops and Establishment Act 1988
  • The Provident Fund & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 1952
  • The Employees State Insurance Act 1948
  • The Wage Code Bill 2019 ( Payment of Wages Act 1936 & Payment of Bonus Act 1965)
  • The Payment of Gratuity Act 1972
  • The Payment of Maternity Benefit Act 1961
  • PF – ESI – PT Challan and Payment Online Process
  • Aspects about Layoff, Retrenchment, Strike and Lockout
  • Domestic Enquiry Guidelines with Principles of Natural Justice
  • Statutory Committees and functions

This course is designed in such a way that even non legal practitioners can easily understand and apply the knowledge in day to day works, can able handle operational issues and respond to Statutory authorities notices.

Our expert trainers shall provide you the easy and understandable material with relevant case studies, latest notifications and support you whenever you require guidance and assistance.

You will be awarded with certification for your successful completion of course. You will be assessed during course period with assignments, attendance of participation and completion of case studies.


Though we are knowledgeable, regularly practicing our works effectively, but we need to upgrade ourselves with latest changes and emerging trends in the market. The best solution for meeting the requirements is to continuously learning from different sources. Unfortunately, it will not happen in our busy schedules due to more of work pressures, family responsibilities and personal obligations.

How do we upgrade and at par with market standards? and What is the solution for the above problem?

We will provide you right solution for your difficulty through our Workshop Programs. Our workshops are deal more about latest technological updates, emerging techniques and various tools best suited for functional efficiency.

Our Workshops are mostly practical in approach, facilitate learning by discussing topics relevant to your work, suggesting new tools and perspectives, demonstrating the application of new methods, and providing a space for free exchange of ideas and affirmation.

Whether you are an individual, a leader, or a part of a team, we have workshops on various topics to support your work at Excel Tek.

Our Workshop programs are best suitable for your day to day operations or specific assignment or Latest Trends

  • Talent Acquisition Trends & Techniques
  • Total Compensation & Rewards Management
  • PF – ESI – PT Online Process
  • Performance Management & Evaluation
  • HR for Non-HR Managers
  • Generalist HR for Corporate

Duration: Generally our Workshops are 1 to 2 days in duration.
Hosts: The Workshop will be hosted and executed by HR Leaders and Expert Consultants.

You will be given certificate of participation, which will be value addition to your career and to your performance. You will be equipped with up to date knowledge with practical implementation after attending our Workshop program.

What are you thinking, please participate in our Workshop program and enhance your competencies.

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