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“Exceptional GCP Training For An Exceptional Career Value”

About The Course

Google Cloud Platform which is in-short referred to as GCP is an ingenious public cloud computing platform developed by the Google organization. GCP includes a range of hosted services for compute storage & application development which run on Google hardware. The advanced cloud computing services offered by Google Cloud Platform (GCP) can be easily accessed by software developers, cloud administrators & other IT professionals over the public network or with help of a dedicated network connection.

GCP extends its services for a wide range of applications which include cloud storage, Big Data, Networking Internet Of Things, Machine Learning & as well as cloud management, developer tools & security. And at present, the number of career opportunities in this advanced cloud computing platform of GCP is on the rise. So start working towards making the most out of rising career opportunities in this platform by taking our real-time training program of Google Cloud Platform Course In Hyderabad.

Learning Objectives Of Google Cloud Platform GCP Training

The course curriculum of our GCP Course In Hyderabad has specially been prepared by the domain experts to best fit the present industry standards. By taking our GCP training program students will get to learn different concepts like

  • Introduction to Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
  • Understanding the concepts of Google App Engine and Google Cloud Datastore
  • Working on the concepts of Google Cloud Platform Storage Options
  • A detailed understanding of Google Container Engine
  • Understanding the concepts of Google Compute Engine and Networking
  • Understanding the applications of GCP In Big Data & Machine Learning
  • Exposure to working on real-time projects & live industry case studies

Why Organizations Prefer GCP?

Google Cloud Computing enables the organizations to experience benefits like

  • Gain higher productivity margins with quick access to innovation
  • Employees can work from anywhere
  • Google cloud allows quick collaboration
  • Can rely on Google’s investments in security
  • Customers get higher uptime and reliability
  • Control and flexibility available to users

As more number of companies are looking towards integrating GCP cloud applications in their workforce the demand for skilled GCP experts has gone up sky rocketing. Get trained in GCP to perfection by transform into industry ready cloud expert with Kelly Technologies GCP Training In Hyderabad.

Who Can Opt For The GCP Training?

Google Cloud Platform GCP Training In Hyderabad at our Kelly Technologies is open for everyone. Especially jobseekers & working professionals who are aiming towards securing a career in this advanced cloud computing platform are must to get enrolled for this course.

The other set of intended audience for our GCP Course In Hyderabad are

  • Cloud Computing Professionals
  • Database Administrators
  • Networking Administrators
  • Technology Enthusiasts
  • Business Administrators
  • Degree Holders & Job Seekers
  • End Users

Features Of Our Google Cloud Platform Training

Getting enrolled for our institutes GCP Training In Hyderabad will surely be delivering our students with the best learning experience. The major highlighting features of our training program are

  • Expert trainers having 10+years if training experience
  • Advanced course curriculum prepared by domain experts
  • Industry relevant real-time training
  • Sophisticated lab infrastructure
  • Assistance in resume preparation & interview scheduling

About Kelly Technologies GCP Training Certification

The certification which we provide for the students upon successful completion of our Google Cloud Platform Course In Hyderabad will surely help them in their quest for the best job opportunities across the top multinational companies. Our certification will surely deliver value to our career profile.

Start working towards building the best set of knowledge-based career platform in the advanced cloud computing platform of GCP by getting enrolled for our Kelly Technologies Google Cloud Computing Training In Hyderabad.

“Enroll Now To Avail Kelly Technologies Free GCP Training Demo Session”

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