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Global Management Accounting – Gateway Program

Global Management Accounting – Gateway Program - proschoolonline

: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

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The GMA-Gateway is an exclusive Graduate program offered by IMS Proschool in association with CIMA

CIMA Knowledge Pillars

• Enterprise (E) Pillar- Emphasis on business strategy
• Performance (P) Pillar- Emphasis on concepts like Cost and Risk management
• Financial (F) Pillar-Emphasis on understanding and interpretation of financial statements

IMS Proschool’s 450+ hour live faculty-led training and ‘active learning’ methodology

• 75% faculty-hours on Case-based understanding of CIMA Knowledge Pillars
• 20% faculty-hours on Industry-relevant skills (On the job application of knowledge)
• 5% faculty-hours on presentation and communication skills


Strategic Management
A. The strategy process
B. Analyzing the organizational
C. Generating strategic options
D. Making strategic choices
E. Strategic control
F. Digital strategy
Risk Management
A. Enterprise risk
B. Strategic risk
C. Internal controls
D. Cyber risks
Financial Strategy
A. Financial policy decisions
B. Sources of long-term funds
C. Financial risks
D. Business valuation
Managing Performance
A. Business models and value creation
B. Managing people performance
D. Managing projects
Advanced Management Accounting
A. Managing the costs of creating value
B. Capital investment decision making
C. Managing and controlling the performance of organizational units
D. Risk and control
Advanced Financial

A. Financing capital projects
B. Financial reporting standards
C. Group accounts
D. Integrated reporting
E. Analyzing financial statements
Managing Finance in a Digital World
A. Role of the finance function
B. Technology in a digital world
C. Data and information in a digital world
D. Shape and structure of the finance function
E. Finance interacting with the
Management Accounting
A. Cost accounting for decision
and control
B. Budgeting and budgetary control
C. Short-term commercial
D. Risk and uncertainty in the
short term
Financial Reporting
A. Regulatory environment of
financial reporting
B. Financial statements
C. Principles of taxation
D. Managing cash and working capital


Adv Dip MA / ACMA / CGMA from CIMA UK

Students will need to clear upto 2 case-study based exams (MCS and SCS) with CIMA. This takes advantage of the CIMA – FLP route to ensure fastest completion as follows
1. Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from CIMA, UK after passing MCS Exam
2. ACMA, CGMA from CIMA, UK after passing SCS Exam & fulfilling PER requirements

CGMA is a very powerful designation backed by both American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA, US) and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA, UK).

GMA certificate from IMS Proschool

Students will also receive a completion certificate from IMS Proschool on successfully passing the GMA course. A certificate in Financial Modelling from IMS Proschool and NSE Academy is optionally available on paying an additional exam fee to NSE Academy.

PGP in Management Accounting (PGP-MA) from IMS Proschool

Students will need to clear 2 Exams conducted by IMS Proschool to receive a PG Certification. These are case study exams conducted at the end of Term 1 and Term 2 of the program.

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