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Data Structures for  academics course at Algorithm Training training institute requires prior knowledge on programming languages like C or Java orPython. This course is designed for students who are studying their Data structures and Algorithms course in their academics. Even any non computer science student can join the course to master their programming skills. Here we are going to discuss and implement the topics and problems. This course would hep you to write efficient programs. Hence this is one of the Best Data structures And Algorithms Training In Bangalore or Data Structures and Algorithms Training In Hyderabad

Course Details:

Duration: 30hrs

time : 7.30 pm

Mode :  class room or online

Course Fee: Rs 7000


Demo video1:   Delete a node in BST
Demo video2:   Delete first node in CLL

Trainer Details:

Trainer Details:

Trainer Details:

Trainer Name          : Mr. Srihari
Qualification            : M.Tech(CSE), IIT Roorkee
Experience              : Software professional with 16 yrs experience in Data structures/C/C++/JAVA/Python/PERL/UNIX/MPI(parallel programming).
Hacker Rank profile: click here

DSA Alumni

Mr Srihari trained nearly 30 students on Data Structures and Algorithms….. He trained ppl from student to 20 years of real time experienced ppl and students  from various cities in India and Countries like USA, Australia, UK   …etc. click here for Data Structures and Algorithms old batches details

Institute Overview

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

We can guide you from scratch in final year projects in Hyderabad and make you to complete project by yourself. You can select project from journals like IEEE. The project can involve with implementing algorithms using complex  data st... Read More

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