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Skills are the building block of your career, and acquiring the right skills can drastically shape your career.

The unemployment rate in India is 9.3 percent. Most unemployment is not because of a lack of degrees, but because of the skill gap between what is expected by recruiters and skills possessed by applicants!

As per a report by PWC, India is the fastest growing Internet advertising market and is growing at a CAGR of 18.8% during 2020-2025.

Another report by Goldman Sachs states that the Indian Internet industry will be worth $160 billion in the year 2025.

Intuit Computer classes offer one of the best Digital marketing courses in Jaipur. Our sole purpose is to fill that skill gap and hone the digital marketing skills. We ensure that the applicants possess the right skills required by employers and corporations. We make placements happen which is the reason why we are one of the leading and foremost digital marketing institute in Jaipur! Our team of proficient digital marketers make sure that they teach everything, including fundamentals of marketing, social media strategies, email marketing, content marketing, advanced and technical SEO. Our digital marketing team has industry experience of over twelve years in digital marketing.

Digital or Online marketing is one of the best career choices and is one of the most sought-after careers today.

Digital marketing is one of the essential fields to grow one’s startup, big corporation, build a personal brand, attract more leads and add sales revenues!

Whether you are a fresher, working professional, or a business owner, this digital marketing will help you hone your skills, provide more opportunities and help you excel in your profession.

At present, every industry in the market is dependent on digital marketing. Let us understand the benefits of digital marketing to businesses:

  • It increases customer loyalty with frequent communications.
  • Engages the customer at every buying stage
  • It helps you target the right audience
  • It helps businesses generate a consistent lead pipeline.
  • Helps optimize and obtain better conversion rates.
  • Helps accurately measure all the results.
  • It helps businesses gain brand credibility.

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Jaipur, Rajasthan, India

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