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: 1000 INR - 5000 INR

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Looking for an affiliate marketing course in Patna. Want to be your own boss & earn from home by selling someone other product! if answer is yes then you are at right place. Semsols is offering this affiliate marketing course where you will learn how to earn commison by selling other’s product on Amazon, CJ or Clickbank.

This course is designed in such a way that after completing your course you can start your own affiliate marketing business and earn from home. This course is for any one who has the passion to make money online. For any quesries contact us.

Affiliate Marketing Course is designed for both beginners & experienced. Affiliate marketing course can be done by anyone who knows how to operate computer. There is no need to get a website to start a affiliate marketing business. Semsols Affiliate Marketing is the best course to make money online.  We teach here which acutally works in the field of affiliate marketing.

We also provide support to our students when they face any problem in affiliate marketing business. This course is self sufficient for any person to succeed in making money online using affiliate marketing technique.

Affiliate Marketing Course - Make Money Online

Location: Patna Duration: 1 Month

Module 1: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing Course

  • Get Maximum from the course from Day 1
  • What is Affiliate marketing
  • Do you really need a website for affiliate Marketing?
  • Affiliate programs that are preapproved

Module 2: How You will be promoting your Products

  • Promote Products without any websites
  • Product reviews for generating affiliate sales
  • YouTube Video product reviews
  • Share knowledge with How-to articles to get affiliate sales
  • Social Adds
  • Video Adwords

Module 3: How to select an affiliate marketing niche which suits you

  • Choosing your affiliate niche is very important
  • How to nail down an affiliate niche
  • Examples of selecting an affiliate niche

Module 4: How to choose GREAT Product with GREAT Commission Offer

  • Start choosing your products while going through this module
  • Type of Affiliate Offers
  • How different type of Affiliate offers works
  • What are Affiliate cookies
  • CPA (Cost Per Action) tutorial, when it is good to use, and forum for it
  • Some CPA Affiliate networks. CPA maximizes conversion rates
  • WHat is PayPerCall affiliates
  • How to manage traffic for Mobile & Desktop seperatley
  • Driving poor quality traffic with no affiliate sells
  • Recurring affiliate commissions – Best way for lifetime revenue
  • What is Affiliate EPC – How to use it?
  • What is AOV? How it helps to find the affiliate product

Module 5: Check Out Major Affiliate Sites

  • You can start affiliate marketing without any website.
  • Amazon affiliate program pros and cons
  • CJ Affiliate
  • com
  • Clickbank

Module 6: How to market your affiliate product

  • What is SEO
  • How to Find keyword for your shortlisted Product
  • What is social media marketing
  • How headlines makes your Social Media Marketing Successful.
  • How to Write Headlines
  • How to add scarcity to your promotion

Module 7: Facebook Marketing

  • Facebook Ads Introduction
  • Facebook ads dashboard
  • Facebook page for Advertisement
  • Types of Facebook ad to choose from
  • Facebook ad strategies
  • How to Set the right ads for your product
  • Right ad format
  • Tip for targeting
  • Install Facebook pixel for ad retargeting
  • Retargeting with Facebook
  • How to Target lookalike audiences

Module 8: Social Media Management and traffic

  • Benefits of social media and how to automate it.
  • How to use HashTag marketing
  • Social media automation tools overview
  • Pinned Facebook group update
  • Pinned tweet

Module 9: Email marketing and auto responders.

  • What is email marketing
  • MailChimp and pros and cons of other email marketing providers
  • Creating a email list
  • Creating HTML Email Templates & Email Form
  • Creating the auto responder
  • Creating a sequence of emails
  • Email subscribe popups
  • What is give to get emails

Module 10: Setting up YouTube video AdWords ads

  • How to Set up your ads account
  • In-Stream or Discovery ads
  • Ad budget
  • Setting budget and choosing the ad format
  • Ad psychology
  • More to choosing location than you think
  • Starting with ad groups
  • How to get views from competitor’s videos with placements option
  • Adding your video to the ad
  • Targeting demographics
  • Target audiences
  • Choosing content where your ad will appear
  • Choosing keywords
  • Few last considerations before saving the ad
  • Conclusion

Module 11: Google AdWords Retargeting

  • Setting up your AdWords retargeting tag code
  • Setting up your audience to remarket to in AdWords
  • Finalizing the retargeting ad so that it starts running

Module 12: How to recruit affiliates to resell your product or service

  • Introduction
  • Your affiliate offer for recruiting affiliates to your product
  • Recruiting from aggregator websites
  • Case studies for recruiting affiliates
  • Affiliate recruiting promotion strategies

Module 13: How to get a domain name and set up your affiliate website

  • How to get a free or cheap domain name
  • How to choose a good domain name
  • Few examples of actually finding good domain names in the wild
  • Buying domain and hosting from same company or 2 different ones
  • Freelance for creating a website

Module 14: Affiliate example with BlueHost

  • What is BlueHost
  • How to sign up to be a BlueHost affiliate
  • Getting the BlueHost affiliate link
  • Example of content marketing to do SEO and get traffic to affiliate offer
  • How to set up your affiliate page
  • Recap of the user flow
  • Long tail SEO keyword research for you to get traffic to your offer
  • YouTube and other content
  • Title meta tags
  • Page elements for SEO
  • SEO for YouTube
  • Explaining the YouTube search algorithm

Module 15: Conclusion

  • What Next?

Institute Overview

Patna, Bihar, India

SEMSOLS Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Semsols Technologies pvt ltd is a world renowned digital marketing & website development company in India. We started our journey in 2008. We have catered various niche in respect to digital marketing and website d... Read More

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