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Want to Learn Graphic Designing? Then the first thing you have to do is to decide on which software you want to expertise in. There are many s/w available in the market. But what we have chosen is the industry most used application i.e. Adobe PhotoShop. 

We at SEMSOLS designed the best graphic designing course on Abode Photoshop. This course is beneficial for both beginner & advanced users. We have listed all the modules which will be taught in you classroom. If you like to know more about this course then contact us.

Graphic Designing Course - ADOBE PHOTOSHOP

Location: Patna Duration: 2 Months

Module 1: Introduction

  • Manage Your Workspace
  • Create a New Project
  • How To Open Images For Editing
  • Get Around Photoshop Fast
  • Save & Share Your Work
  • How To Resize an Image

Module 2: About Layers

  • What Are Layers?
  • Start Using Layers
  • How To Use the Layers Panel
  • Select Layers
  • Move Layers
  • Layer handiness
  • Arrange Images Quickly
  • Layer Opacity vs. Fill
  • Fast Alignment

Module 3: More About Layers - Advanced

  • Types of Layers Explained
  • Customize the Layers Panel
  • Identify Layers
  • Filter Layers
  • Sort Layers
  • Manipulate
  • Rotate layers
  • Use Blending Modes
  • Lock Layers

Module 4: What Is Artboard Document

  • Find out how artboards can help you
  • The hidden value of artboards
  • Creating and resizing artboards
  • Duplicate artboards and using guides
  • Exporting artboards

Module 5: Convert Vector to Layer - Raster Layers

  • Use the Brush Tool
  • Soften Skin Imperfections
  • Use the Eye Dropper & Swatches
  • Fix the Eye Dropper
  • Resolution vs. Image Size
  • Change T-Shirt Color
  • Optimize Project Size
  • Non-destructive Editing

Module 6: How To Use Selections Tool

  • What Is Selections Tool
  • How To Modify Selections
  • What Is Rectangular Marquee
  • Elliptical Marquee
  • Hands On Marquees
  • Hide Pixels with Layer Masks
  • Combine 2 Images with Layer Masks
  • Quick Selection Tool and Magic Wand
  • Save & Load Selections

Module 7: More In Selections - Advance

  • How To Use Lasso Tools
  • What Is Pen Tool
  • Use Direct & Path Selection Tools
  • Pen Tool Selections
  • Quick Mask Mode
  • Select a Color in a Photo
  • Remove Background
  • Select and Mask Hair
  • Channel Selections

Module 8: What Is Shape Layers

  • How To Create Shapes
  • How To Modify Shapes
  • How To Design Web Buttons
  • Use Custom Shapes
  • Design Shapes with the Pen Tool
  • Generate Guides from Shapes
  • Place Images in Shapes
  • Create a Website Layout

Module 9: Layer Effects & Styles

  • Layer Styles
  • Download & Scale Layer Styles
  • Create Gold Text Effect
  • Embed Text in Photos
  • Use Global Light
  • Create Shiny 3D Text
  • Create Neon Effect

Module 10: Work with Image Layer - Smart Objects

  • What Is Smart Objects
  • How to Design Icons for Android OS
  • Create Your Own App Icon
  • Breaking Smart Objects
  • Showcase Your Work Professionally
  • Create a Realistic Mockup
  • Linked Smart Objects
  • Filters with Smart Objects
  • Create a Business Card

Module 11: How To Create Character

  • Create the Shape
  • Add Layer Styles
  • Finishing Touches
  • Create A Cute Character

Module 12: How To Repair Photos

  • Remove Skin Issues
  • Remove Watch & Necklace from Photos
  • Clean Up Face
  • Move People in Photos
  • Enhance Faded Photos
  • Dodge, Burn, Sponge tools
  • Remove Red Eyes from Photos
  • Create an Action in Photoshop
  • Resize Lots of Images Quickly

Module 13: How To Use Text Layers

  • What is Text Layers
  • Font Types
  • Get New Fonts
  • Learn Typography Best Practices
  • Combine Fonts
  • Hands On Text Layers
  • Identify a Font
  • Stay Consistent in Your Projects
  • Align Text Layers

Module 14: How To Improve Photos Quality

  • Make Your Teeth White
  • Reshape Your Face
  • Create a Lens Flare
  • Tilt Shift: Miniaturize Objects
  • Add Glowing Lines to Photos
  • Add Light to an Area
  • Reshape Your Body

Module 15 Course Conclusions & What's Next

  • Final Words.
  • What you should do now ?

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Patna, Bihar, India

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