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1st Floor,Priyanka Collections Building, NearKarvenagar Stop,Karvenagar, Pune-52.

About Institute

About Us

Our Vision

      To provide candidates with knowledge that is at-par with the IT industry, but also in a pocket friendly way so that everyone can take benefit of our courses.

      To provide training to candidates in various technologies by experts who have real-time industry knowledge so that candidates can start their career and be in sync with the industry.

   To bridge the gap between the corporate sector and candidates.

To provide corporate trainings to the companies as per their requirements.

Our Mission

      To bridge the gap between candidates and the corporate sector by creating skilled resources who can build their career in the industry and utilise their skills for the progress of the industry.

      To become a leading institute for creating skilled candidates which sets a benchmark for other to follow.


  • Java Course

    - Pune

    Java | J2EE Core Java & Advance Java Core Java � Introduction Java Platform � Java Flow Control � Source File � Object Oriented Programmin...

  • Spring Course

    - Pune

    Spring - Spring IOC- � What is Spring � Spring Modules � What is IOC � Dependency Injection       o Setter Bas...

  • Python Course

    - Pune

    Python Syllabus�   An Introduction To Python:-   � What is Python and history of Python? �Features of Python. �Installation and Work...

  • Hibernate Course

    - Pune

    Hibernate (Hibernate 5.X) � Introduction � Hibernate architecture � Installation and Directory Structure � Hibernate Advantages over JDBC � ORM (...

  • Selenium & Testing Course

    - Pune

    Selenium Selenium is an open source, free automation testing tool used for web application testing. It is the most widely used tool now a days becaus...

  • Cloud Computing Course

    - Pune

    Cloud Computing � What is Cloud Computing? � Benefit of cloud computing � Overview of IAAS, PAAS, SAAS � Types Of Cloud private, public & hybr...

  • Angular Course

    - Pune

    Angular Syllabus Repository � Git � Bitbucket   EcmaScript � Difference between EcmaScript vs JavaScript � Use of EcmaScript   Ty...

  • Hadoop Course

    - Pune

    Hadoop Syllabus Course Content for Hadoop and Spark Introduction to BIGDATA and HADOOP � What is Big Data?� What is Hadoop?� Relation between B...

  • Scala&Sparks Course

    - Pune

    Scala&Spark Syllabus Course Content for Hadoop and Spark Introduction to BIGDATA and HADOOP  What is Big Data? What is Hadoop? Relation...

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