Top 10 Best Software Courses in Demand in 2021-22

To find the Best Software Courses in this crowded field a difficult task. I study the market and list down the list of top 10 best software courses

Top 10 Best Software Courses in Demand in 2021-22
To find the Best Software Courses in this crowded field a difficult task. I study the market and list down the list of top 10 best software courses

n this modern era, software is ruling all over the world. So everyone wants to learn some Best Software courses to keep themselves up to date or to get a job. If you are one of them who are searching for the Best software courses then you are in the right place. Here I discuss all the best software courses that are in the trends now.


Why Choose Software Field?

If you are a little confused about why you should learn software courses then I will give you some insights so that you can have a better idea of why you should have to learn the software. From education to health, from finance to automobile there is every field where software is widely used. Software plays an important role in every sector to work effectively. There is a good job opportunity in the software field also. If your dream to get a high-paying job then the software field will be your ultimate choice.

Best Software Courses in India 

After deep research, I finally prepare a list of the best software courses in India that are in the trend now. While making the list I focus on some important aspects that must be fulfilled by the software courses. For example, the demand for the software will be high, ease of getting a job after completing the course, the salary must be decent, etc.
So here is the list of the top 10 best software courses that can consider.
  1. Data Science Course
  2. IoT Course
  3. Web Development
  4. Cloud Computing
  5. Python Cour

  6. Mobile App Development
  7. UI/UX Development
  8. Software Testing Course
  9. Cyber Security Course
  10. Game Development Course

Let's discuss all the best software courses in detail that are given in the upper list. After knowing all the detail of the software courses you can decide which software course will be best for you.

#1. Data Science Course

Data Science course is one of the most demanding software courses in the world. It is probably the best software course that I recommend to you if you are interested in this field. So it holds the 1st spot in my list of best software courses
It is not the best software course for the fresher as before these courses you have to learn multiple skills that is important in Data Science Course. Although if you really want to learn this course, you have to learn this course along with you have to learn important skills parallelly.

What is Data Science?

Data science is a field where data plays a vital role. Data Science is a combination of various tools, machine learning principles, and algorithms that are used to analyze the raw data and process them to discover some of the patterns that are important for an organization to gain its desired sales. The person who does it is called Data Scientist and it is important to learn Data Science Course first.
If you wish to become a data scientist then visit our article on that.

Why Data Science Course is in Demand? 

The demand for data scientists is increasing day by day not only in the world but also remarkable in India. All the Companies or organization uses data science to reaching out to their targeted audience or generating sales for them. As every company heading towards recruiting Data scientists so the demand for  Data Science courses is increasing.

Data Science Salary

We all are attracted to the high paying salary. Somewhere the salary is an important aspect while we decide our career option. After completing the Data Science course you can easily get a job in India as well as in abroad if you are interested. The average Data Scientist salary in India is around 10 to 12 lakhs per annum and the average salary in abroad is around 15 to 17 lakhs in Indian rupees. Considering the salary amount Data Science Courses is considered as the Best software courses.

#2. IoT Course

IoT stands for the Internet of Things. This is the new trending technology in the world. In the coming years, it is going to be boomed. We can definitely say the future is IoT. Many companies already launch their IoT devices and a lot to come in the future. It is one of the best Software courses for fresher that you can peruse.

What is IoT?

IoT is nothing but a connected environment where all the electronics devices connected together to share information between them. Electronic devices like phones, fitness bands, Air Conditioner, T.V, Smart lights, etc can communicate with each other with the help of the Internet of Things implementation. As a result, we can control all the devices remotely from anywhere we want.

IoT Future

As I previously said in the coming years it is going to be the most trending technology. The quality of leaving of the peoples is improving so that for their comfort they use a lot of IoT devices. As the demand for IoT devices is increasing day by day so the electronics manufacturing companies recruit IoT engineers to produces IoT devices. So the job opportunity in the field of IoT is very bright. You should definitely pursue the IoT courses to get a job in the future. This all makes this course one of the best software courses.
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Salary of IoT Professional

The average salary of an IoT professional in India is 7 to 8 lakhs per annum. The average salary increases up to 10 lakhs per annum when we talk about abroad. The salary can go up to 20 lakhs for the experienced professional. Thus it is considered as one of the best software courses that you may consider.

#3. Web Development Course

It is the best software course in all most everyone's list. It is an evergreen software course that stays always in demand. But in the past couple of years, the demand for Web development software courses increase a lot. So it is one of the best software courses that deserve to stay in 3rd position on our list.

What is Web Development?

Web development is that field where a person develops some web base application of websites according to the requirement of the client. The person who developed that web-based product is known as Web developer and to become a web developer you must do some courses.

Web Development Future Scope

It is one of the rapidly increasing technologies that will touch the new height in upcoming years. The demand for Web developers is high because all the organizations, whether it is small or big want to increase their online presence. The reason why the organization wants to grow their business online is growing the number of audiences online due to the easy access to the internet.

Web Development Course Salary 

Well, the web development course salary after getting a job is impressive. The average salary of the Web Developer is around 6 to 8 lakhs in abroad and the average salary of Web Developer in India is 4 to 6 lakhs per annum. You can earn up to 10 lakhs per annum or more than that if you have good skills and experience in the web development field. This all makes Web Development Course one of the best software courses in the market at the present time.

#4. Cloud Computing Course

Cloud Computing is going to be widely used in the upcoming years. Already some big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon already uses Cloud Computing for many years. But the popularity of the cloud computing course in recent days is increasing and other small companies also want to work on that. Thus I place cloud computing at no 4th spot in our list of best software courses.

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a technology where the data is stored in the cloud. Cloud doesn't mean what we see in the sky it is virtual storage facilities that are very useful for businesses to store their data. It is comparatively cheaper than the regular storage facilities.

Demand For Cloud Computing in Future

Cloud computing has very good potential to become the future storage destination for all the organization. After realizing cloud computing is more scalable, cheaper, and flexibility a lot of organizations moving towards cloud computing so the demand for Cloud Computing Professionals increases day by day. So it is wise to pursue a cloud computing course that is one of the best software courses.

Salary of Cloud Computing Professionals

The average salary of a Cloud Computing Professional in India is around 7 to 8 lakhs per annum. When we consider the average salary of a cloud computing professional abroad then it is around 10 lakhs in Indian rupees. The salary may go above 10 lakhs per annum after one becomes an experienced one in this field.

#5. Python Course

It is one of the best software courses that are available in the market. It is becoming popular day by day due to its wide range of use. According to the report it holds the 2nd spot of the most trending language of 2021 followed by Javascript. I place it in the 5th spot on my list of best software courses due to its popularity and other characteristics.

Why Python is Popular?

Python is the new trending language of the modern era due to its versatile use. You can do various things with the help of Python. For example for Web Development, For Automation, Game Development, Web App Development, Data Science, Machine Learning, and a lot more.
It is the simplest programming language that is recommended to the fresher who has new to the programming field. It has tons of modules that help the programmer to code efficiently. So it is the best software course for fresher you can pursue to get a job easily.
The demand for Python developers is increasing nowadays. Companies hire Python developers for various purposes. So if you complete Python Course you have a better job opportunity in recent times.

Python Developer Salary

Python Developer Salary average salary in India is around 4 to 7 lakhs per annum. The average salary of a python developer in abroad is around 9 lakhs per month in Indian rupees. But it has good potential to earn money by learning some other technologies that use python as a base. If you are a  python developer and learn some additional technologies like machine learning you have a chance to earn more than 20 lakhs per month.

#6. Mobile App Development

It can be a great option if you looking for the best Software courses to pursue. Mobile App Development has a huge demand in the market as everyone who wants to start their business online needs a mobile app. So I put this in the 6th spot in my list of best software courses. It is also the best choice for those who search for the best software courses for fresher.
As the usage of mobile phones increases rapidly in the past years so organizations want to reach their audience directly through mobile apps. There are different kinds of apps for the different operating systems of mobile so you need to learn a specific programming language to develop apps for the specific OS.

Future Scope in Mobile App Development

Already the mobile application development field always stays in demand but it is estimated that it would have double in the upcoming years. Whether a small start-up or a big company, all need mobile apps to reach their audience and it is also easy for the audience to use the apps so it has a huge demand. If you want to go to the mobile app development field you have to learn some related courses for that.

Salary of Mobile App Developer

The average salary of mobile app developers in India is nearly 5 to 8 lakhs per year and the average salary for the same in abroad is around 10 lakhs per year in Indian rupees. If you learn this you also can start your own company or work as a freelancer. If you choose not to do the job and choose to do a startup or freelancing then there is no limit to your earning. This all makes this, one of the best software courses that are available in the market.

#7. UI/UX Development Course

UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Both are very important in designing any online platform. As all the business increases their online presence, they need a UI/UX developer to make their product more attractive. So it can be a good option for you if you searching for the best software courses for fresher. That's why I put these courses in the 7th position in my list of best software courses.

Demand for UI/UX Developenent Course

Already the demand for UI/UX developers is always high but in the upcoming years, it going to increase exponentially. To make an online platform more interactive and beautiful definitely one should need a UI/UX developer. As it is important to build an interactive digital product, all the companies that deal with online businesses hire UI/UX developers to design their platforms. So it is considered as the best software courses by seeing the future demand.

Salary of UI/UX designer

The average salary of a UI/UX developer in India is nearly 6 to 8 lakhs per year while in Abroad the salary goes around 10 lakhs per year in Indian rupees. However, after gaining experience in this field you can earn more than 10 lakhs per year anywhere in this world. This all makes this course a well-deserving candidate in my list of best software courses.

#8. Software Testing Course

This can also be a great option if you are searching for the best software courses and confuse about what to choose. This software course holds the 8th spot on my list of best software courses. It is also the best software course for fresher.

What is Software Testing Course? 

A software testing course is a course where one learns how to test some software by using various types of tools. The main objective of software testing is to find bugs in the software so that before delivery of the software developer can fix it. If you want to become a software testing professional then you have to complete the specific course for it. It is one of the best software courses for beginners also.

Future Demand for Software Testing Course

It always stays in demand and it will be because software development directly depends on this and the development of software will never end. There is always a need for a Software tester to test the software. So the demand for software testing professionals is not going to end. It is one of the best software courses according to job prospects.

Salary of Software Testing Professional

The average salary of a Software testing professional is around 3 to 5 lakhs per annum whereas in abroad the average salary is nearly 7 to 8 lakhs per year. You can also get a high amount of salary after gaining experience.

#9. Cyber Security Course

It is now the hot trending Software courses available in the market. The requirement for Cyber Security Professionals is increasing rapidly. Due to the high demand for this career, I kept it in the 9th spot in the list of best software courses. It is also one of the best software courses for freshers who don't come from a non-IT background.

What is Cyber Security 

Cyber Security is the technology where digital data or Digita Content is protected by professionals called Cyber Security Professionals. Nowadays it is very important to safeguard our digital data that are over the internet. For an organization or some company, it is super important to secure their data and for that, they hire cybersecurity professionals.

Future of Cyber Security

The future of Cyber Security is very bright. In any region of the world, the demand for Cyber Security always stays high. In the upcoming years, the demand for this career is going to be increased exponentially because every organization increases its online presence and they want to protect their data. The increasing threat of hackers also forces organizations to appoint Cyber Security professionals to protect their important information. By seeing the future demand the importance of Cyber Security professionals, I put this in my list of best software courses.

Salary of Cyber Security Professionals

The average salary of Cyber Security professionals in India is around 6 to 9 lakhs per year. The average salary of Cyber Security Professionals is around 10 to 12 lakhs per month in abroad. You can get more than 12 lakhs per month after you become an experienced Cyber Security professional.

#10. Game Development Course

This is the best and evergreen software course that always stays in demand. You can't ignore this course if you searching for the best software courses. Due to its always demands feature I put this course in my list of best software courses in the 10th spot.
As the name suggests it is the course where you learn how to develop and design a game. As games are popular among people so the demand for Game developers automatically growing. Due to the introduction of 4G in the world, online games are becoming popular so major Game development companies hire game developers to develop and design their games. 
In the Future the demand for Game developers will increase because 5G is to come. So if you want to be a Game Developer you need to learn it first. After a successful compilation of the game development course, you can get a job in some big game development company.

Salary of Game Developer

Well, the salary totally depends on your skills and the company where you joined. The average salary of the game developer in India is around 10 lakhs per year and the average salary of the game developer abroad is around 12 to 15 lakhs per year. It has more potential in terms of earning. You can even earn more than 30 lakhs per month. It is considered the best software course for a high salary.


These are the lists of the Top 10 best software courses that you can pursue to get a job easily and earn money. Because of the evolution in the field of software, the demand for software courses is increasing day by day. if you want to follow the trend you must learn some best software courses that can give you a job easily and also help you to get a high amount of salary. I hope I clear your doubt about what is the best software Courses. After seeing the list, I think now you can decide which is the best software courses and what to learn. Best of luck for your future career.