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Machine Learning on Aws Sagemaker

Machine Learning on Aws Sagemaker - 360 Digi TMG Hyderabad

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Machine learning (ML) is widely emerging creating ample opportunities in the market. As per the reports of The World Economic Forum, the growth of Artificial intelligence (AI) could create 57 million new jobs in the coming years, but there are only 300,000 Machine Learning and AI engineers. So there is a lack of ML talent in the job market. This implies that there is a need and demand for professionals who have substantial knowledge of ML on cloud applications. This is the right time for the job aspirants to develop the required ML skills and advance their career.

ML on AWS training program is formulated to introduce the key concepts of Machine Learning and how the Machine Learning models are trained and deployed with algorithms. This program is designed to address the problems and generate innovative solutions. From this training program, students will learn the applications of SageMaker, and be able to build models. Will learn the important tools and techniques and learn the concepts like Scaling the Model, Managing Cost & Automatic Tuning. The main objective of the ML on AWS training program is to introduce the key concepts of ML and make professionals the future-ready workforce.


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