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What is Business Analytics / Data Analytics / Data Science?

Business Analytics or Data Science or Data Analytics is the science of scrutinizing raw data using analytical tools so as to make sound conclusions about that information. The Business Analytics certification course is exclusively designed to provide in-depth knowledge of analytical practices – from framing business and analytic problems to procuring data, methodology, model developing, deployment, model lifecycle management and creating reports. Sipnatech offers hands-on training for all those aspirants who wish to pursue a career in the field of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Statistics, and Analytics. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to hone your know-how in data analytics and help you master the application of data science concepts, theories, and practices. The global demand for data scientists continues to rise at a rapid rate, owning to its significance across various sectors. Even Google Trends depicts an upward trajectory with an exponential increase in the volume of searches like never seen before. The report clearly demonstrates that Business Analytics will be the most sought-after profession the world has ever witnessed – both in terms of salary and growth.

What is a Data Scientist? Or Rather Who is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is a statistical professional who extensively works on Big Data with the intention of deriving valuable business insights from it. These professionals are a new breed of analytical data specialists who possess high-level of technical skills to solve intricate business problems. A data scientist must master the complete spectrum of the data science life cycle – starting from data accumulation, data cleansing and data mining to statistical investigation and right through forecasting, predictive modelling and ultimately data optimization. The day-to-day activities of a data scientist can sometimes be predictable while at times they are somewhat out of the ordinary. The data scientists are gaining prime importance with each passing day. By 2020, the demand for Data Engineers, Data Scientist, Data developers, and AI professionals is expected to grow further by 40%, thereby paving way for more and more lucrative job opportunities.

Who can take up the Course?

  • Professionals working on business intelligence tools, data warehousing and reporting tools
  • Statisticians, Economists, Mathematicians
  • Software programmers
  • Business analysts
  • Six Sigma Consultants who have exposure to Statistics
  • Fresher’s with good analytical and logical skills
  • Digital Marketing professionals
  • Any professional who wish to make a career in data analytics

How to Become A Data Scientist?

There are many paths to start your journey as a data scientist, but for all intents and purposes, one must at least earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or statistics. Without a degree or college education, it is almost impossible to launch a career in any field. However, to start your career in data science, you must take up an analytics course from a well-reputed training institute like Sipnatech and gain the valuable skills and certifications needed. Sipnatech is the right destination to kick-start your data science journey!!

What Else Is Required?

An individual should possess specific domain/sector/industry knowledge and learn relevant concepts to strike the right nail. However, the Business Analytics/Data Science/Data Analytics certification course is also suited for:

  • Web developers who wish to learn Web Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimisation experts who wish to learn Social Media Analytics and Website Analytics
  • Sales and Marketing professionals who wish to learn  Marketing Analytics, Customer Analytics, Twitter Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Social Media Analytics and Data Collection Tools
  • Human Resources professionals who wish to learn  Workforce Analytics
  • Health Care professionals who wish to learn  Healthcare Data Analytics

Real-World Problems

Life Sciences and Health Care – Wearable Devices

Hundreds of thousands of people across the world are pondering on how to foresee diseases at their preliminary stages so as to cure it with simple lifestyle changes. Of course, the majority of people would prefer making healthy lifestyle changes in lieu of medication. To that end, people started wearing health bands, also called sports band to monitor heartbeat rate, sleeping patterns, calories burnt, the number of steps walked and many more. Jawbone is the most prominent wristband and its users have helped generate about 130 million nights of sleep and researchers call it the biggest sleep survey on the earth. Besides, around 1.6 trillion steps and 180 million items of food are recorded.

In such instance, you can tag the data to your personal doctor who will then track, monitor and inform you of what diseases you are likely to be affected and what preventive measures should be taken to avoid it. WOW! That’s great! Isn’t it?

Retail – Location-Based Analytics

Shopping malls across the globe witnesses footfalls of thousands on a daily basis. On the other hand, the store owners within the mall have the potential to convert the footfalls into revenue. But how do these footfalls turn into revenues? The minute an individual connects to free Wi-Fi available within the mall, a unique MAC address is allotted to the person. From that moment on, information such as amount of time spent in a store, speed of movement, past buying behavior, number of times a person visited a store, number of times procurement took place and diverse parameters are tracked to send a customized coupon which will tempt the prospective customer to become a source of income.

The number of coupons sent versus the number of purchases and the number of coupons sent versus the amount of purchases is the key Business metrics captured and appraised to improve the prediction model. Sounds AMAZING, right!!

Why Should You Pursue A Career in Data Science/Business Analytics/Data Analytics?

Data science is undoubtedly the hottest career of this century. Yes, you heard it right – there is a soaring demand for analytics professionals across all verticals of industries, including healthcare, government, retail, finance, insurance, e-commerce, media, IT, manufacturing, and the service industry. Currently, data science is emerging as the most promising and in-demand career paths for talented aspirants. There is a massive pool of job opportunities lined up for aspirants specializing in data science, across a wide variety of organizations worldwide – from top MNCs to non-profit organizations and government institutions. Professionals pursuing the Business Analytics course play a pivotal role in company growth and productivity. As the supply of data analytics experts is growing at a slower pace, many professionals boast a high median salary, even at entry-level positions. Sipnatech offers full-time Data Science certification program along with classroom and e-learning certification courses for aspirants wishing to pursue a career in Data Science. This unique, hands-on certification course is exclusively designed to help aspirants like you to succeed in today’s highly analytical and data-driven economy.

Data Scientist Training and Placement

Being a premier analytics coaching institute, Sipnatech provides extensive placement assistances for students who successfully clear the Data Analytics Certification course. Along with conceptual learning, the candidates are given exposure to case study workshops, live interaction sessions, industry-driven contests, live projects and assignments, and industry webinars. Our tutors provide you with one-on-one career guidance – from resume building, conducting mock interviews, sharpening your Interview skills to cracking interviews successfully and landing the job. Through a range of personalized programs offered via classroom and online platforms, we help you emerge as “Industry Ready” professionals. Upon successful completion of our program, candidates can work as a Senior Analyst, Data Analyst, Business intelligence Professional, Data Manager and more.

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